An Accidental Encounters Novella #7
April 14, 2017

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Wrong Valentine Date

Jennifer Barnes is desperate to find a date for the upcoming Valentine’s Day party her friend is throwing. She can’t go without a date because her ex-fiancfé and his recent squeeze will be there. To avoid becoming the laughing stock of the party she grows desperate enough to ask her neighbor. Only for him to refuse.

Eric Holmes lives next door to Jennifer but they aren’t on the best of terms. And when she asks him to be her date to a Valentine’s Day party, he takes a certain amount of pleasure in turning her down. It’s only when she rescues his dog and offers him her delicious chili on a cold winter’s night, that he feels compelled to agree to take her to the party. But, he makes it clear, this is only a favor.

Can Jennifer and Eric put on a good enough show to convince her friends that they’re a real couple, or will they blow the whole thing and allow her to become the laughing stock of the party?