Falcon Securites #6.5
December 21, 2015

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Out of Luck

Falcon Agent Dan McCray has agreed to do a favor for his former Navy SEAL buddy Rick Mann. He’s to scare a stalker away and ensure the victim can return to her normal life. Dan doesn’t realize the gravity of his new assignment until an attempt is made on their lives.

Michelle Slater’s ex-boss has it in his head that she belongs to him and him alone. Her sense of security is shattered by his violence, terrified, she realizes she needs more than a piece of paper to protect her. The game changes when Dan and Michelle learn that the man determined to dominate her is more than just a stalker, he is a serial killer.

With danger all around them, can two people fall in love during the darkest of times? When all seems lost, will Dan be able to save the woman who has captured his heart?