Women of Courage
March 15, 2017

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Love Renewed: Episode 5

The Past Returns:

Lily Tucker-Givens is shocked when she walks into the lobby of the hotel she owns and finds a ghost from her past standing in it. Confused and torn, Lily’s life once again feels as if it is collapsing around her when she discovers her deceased husband, Randy, isn’t dead after all. Randy’s return threatens to tear her life with Elliot apart, especially after she discovers the reason Elliot had come to the hotel in the first place.
Elliot Givens is shocked and weighted down with guilt when he discovers that his best friend was not killed during the war. He reluctantly gives Lily the envelope he has carried, unaware that the letter inside is not a love letter, but something far different.
Lily soon discovers that her former husband isn’t the man she thought she knew or loved. Torn between the man of her past and the one for her future, Lily must decide which path she will take.
Can Lily overcome the pain of her past to reach out for a new life in Gibbs City or will the past rip her hope for a new life away from her?