Women of Courage
January 24, 2017

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Love Renewed: Episode 4

Gibb City… Secrets, Spies, and Suspense shadow the residents of a small town in this amazing saga set in the 1940’s. .

Two lives hangs by a thread:

Elliot Givens’ life hangs in the balance as he fights to survive a brutal beating meant to end it. The only thing that has kept him alive is his determination to protect Lily Tucker and her young daughter, Katie, from the vicious men who trapped him. Each day, the struggle to heal becomes more imperative, especially when he discovers that the men have kidnapped young Katie.

Lily Tucker’s life is torn apart when the man she loves is almost killed by her own family. When her daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom, Lily’s worst nightmare comes to life. She and the women of Gibbs City come together in a race against time to find Katie while the local sheriff and Elliot go after the men who have taken her daughter.

Can a town come together to find one of their own or will greed and treachery end the life of a small child?